Born and raised in Canada, Jane May Graves moved to the USA on a cross-country and track scholarship. She earned her degree at Georgia State University in biology/chemistry graduating summa cum laude. While in college Jane’s research work with Ph.D student Chen Niu was published in the Journal of Microbiological Methods.


After graduation Jane returned to her modeling and acting roots. She’s been cast in Films, TV shows, music videos, and national commercials. You can see her in Strike Back (HBO), CSI, and the Sam Raimi film “A man in the Dark”. As well as in Nike, Intel, Verizon national and international TV and print campaigns.


She created the cartoon character Ladybug Jane (, which was inspired by a dream she had after her mother, was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Her mother lives today and attributes her healing to natural therapies.


Jane created the Ladybug Jane short film, composed by Emmy award winner Tim Kelly, Directed by Rusty Mills (Pinky and the Brain) which won best animation at the 2010 Bel Air film festival. The film inspired Jane to create the first ever Fun-Flavored Organic & Vegan Ladybug Jane Lip balms Jane formulated 19 unique formulas and the product is now sold at Whole Foods Markets and internationally.


Jane’s new product line is called Luxe beauty is “Where Purity Meets Luxury”. Her first product in the line called Luxe Lotion is a huge success and is selling out worldwide. She launches 3 new Luxe products in February 2016.